Explorative networking event PAR-EL consortium

The PAR-EL consortium aims to improve societal participation of people with one on more chronic health conditions (including stroke, COPD and asthma, cancer, rheumatic disease), who experience limitations in their daily activities despite receiving optimal medical care. Through interprofessional diagnostics, continuous monitoring, and treatment by allied health professionals, the consortium will improve physical, mental, cognitive and social functioning of people with chronic disease. Interprofessional collaboration will be supported through technological tools and a shared data infrastructure.

The PAR-EL Allied Health consortium is searching for private business partners!

The project has been initiated through an invitation from Health~Holland, Dutch Association of Dietitians, Dutch Association of Occupational Therapy, Royal Dutch Society for Physiotherapy, Association for Quality in Physiotherapy, Dutch Association of Skin Therapists, Dutch Association of Speech Therapy and Phoniatrics, and the Association of Exercise Therapists Cesar and Mensendieck.

The project is based on a reservation of 4 million euro for allied healthcare in the Netherlands by the top sector Life Sciences & Health for a public-private R&D programming for allied health professions which should be supplemented with input from private business partners: the Match Call.

During the networking event, we will explore the potential for public-private collaboration within the PAR-EL consortium. Private business partners are invited to play an important role as active partners in the consortium, contribute ideas about the direction of the project and participate in the work packages. What are your interests in contributing private support to interprofessional diagnostics, continuous monitoring, and treatments of people with one or more chronic health conditions?

Are you interested in meeting the PAR-EL consortium? The consortium kindly invites you to explore the options during an online networking event on Thursday 29 April from 09.00-11.00 hours.

Join the session and send an email to: parel-paramedici@radboudumc.nl

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