Announcement of the Henri Termeer Transatlantic Connections Award

The Henri Termeer Transatlantic Connections Award is an annual award competition for life science entrepreneurs in the Netherlands and Massachusetts. Each year the Termeer Foundation and Health-Holland select two young life science entrepreneurs, one in Massachusetts and one in the Netherlands, who are leading innovative biomedical research activities, and whose programmes have the potential to strengthen transatlantic relations between the two life science regions. Candidates should have already established themselves within the life science industry leading an early-stage company, with a concrete business plan and initial funding in place. 

Announcement of winners

At Innovation for Health, on Friday April 16 (14.30) we are honoured to announce the winners of the Henri Termeer Transatlantic Connections Award! The winners will give a short presentation and talk about their impressive and innovative activities within biomedical research! Next to that, see below for the interesting speakers of the ceremony. 

Speakers of the Award ceremony

  • Hans Schikan 
    Top Team Member Topsector Life Sciences & Health and Special Envoy for Vaccines Dutch Ministry of Health
  • Clémence Ross-van Dorp
    Ambassador Action Programme ‘New chances Topsector Life Sciences & Health’ Ministry of Economic Affairs & Climate
  • Catharine Smith
    Executive Director, The Termeer Foundation
  • Mart Duitemeijer 
    Attaché for Innovation, Technology & Science Netherlands Innovation Network in Boston 
  • Daniel de Boer
    Chief Executive Officer, ProQR Therapeutics


If you would like to attend, then please register here.

Source: Innovation for Health

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