BIO Europe Spring


The fifteenth annual BIO-Europe Spring® premier springtime partnering conference will be held March 22-25 in a fully digital format. It will include on-demand early access to the company pitches, programme sessions, and sponsor and showcase company content up to five weeks prior to the live event for the best possible networking and meeting decisions once partnering begins.

BIO-Europe Spring Digital 2021 is expected to bring together over 2,500 executives from biotechnology, pharmaceutical and finance companies from around the world, who will engage in more than 15,000 partnering meetings.

The gold standard partneringONE® platform is also now more powerful than ever before. With ONE login, you access the entire event. No need to switch back and forth between platforms. Search by company or therapeutic area to discover potential partners and relevant conference sessions and company presentations.

Scheduled meetings will take place during the live conference with unique links to a secure video conferencing solution. Meeting times are extended to be on a 24-hour basis to allow participants to meet conveniently from any time zone.

Intended for

Executives from:

  • Established and emerging biotech companies
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Private investors including venture capital and private equity firms
  • Other industry related service companies


Please see this website.


Please see this website


Join the Strava Club and win a bike!

Health~Holland is proud sponsor of the Strava Club at BIO-Europe Spring and wants to encourage all participants to get out of that chair and join this Strava Club. All Strava Club members make a chance to win a Dutch Loyens & Loeff bike. Do your exercises, share them with the group, sign up via the via the form and perhaps you will win this bike. Go to the Strava Club via this link:

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