Webinar: The Secret of Sillicon Valley

The razor-sharp mentoring programme pushing your team and business to market launch! The programme for venture teams in life sciences and medical devices who want to be maximally prepared for their scaling-up strategy. In this module you will learn how to optimise your leadership skills and what it takes  to become a successful entrepreneur in the US.

Webinar: The Secret of Sillicon Valley

Silicon Valley is much more than the home of the world's most powerful companies. It is a vibrant place where the constant drive for innovation determines everything, thinking big is the norm and startups grow into billion-dollar empires. What is going on here? And what can you learn from the Valley entrepreneurs?

Wibe Wagemans  is a serial entrepreneur with  a proven track record as a CEO, chairman and advisor in driving a variety of startups with exits in excess of $500 million.

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Source: Brightlands

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