Lunch & Learn: Unconscious Gender Bias in Artificial Intelligence

This webinar will take place on 25 November 12:00 - 13:00 (CET). The webinar will provide an overview of how biases in AI occur, how they can be identified. Furthermore, how we can sketch out an approach on how to mitigate its negative consequences and augment is positive contribution. This HBA hosted and EY facilitated series of webinars is designed to raise awareness around biases in AI algorithms including types and reasons for bias in AI, real-life examples and the role each of us can play in helping to reduce the bias in AI. The first session of the series will focus on: What is bias in AI and where can we see it at work? | How is this relevant in the personal lives of each of us? | What can be first steps to better understand and manage bias?

When AI makes decisions….

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is widely adopted in business and daily life today. Its ubiquity is under- appreciated and often misunderstood, and as a result, expectations of its role in our society differ widely.

While AI may come across as a complete and ideal solution, there are many shortcomings with this ever-evolving decision-making technology. One of these are biases, be it gender, cultural or otherwise.

… can humans still intervene?

AI can amplify inherent biases and prejudices present in society and negatively impact both individuals and businesses. Given that humans are positioned at the front, center and receiving ends of AI work, how can we identify, mitigate and even avoid biases?


This event is designed for all mid-level leaders to senior executives across the industries who want to bring about a greater explanation to their peers about technology, and in turn, create positive change for their organizations, societies and themselves.

Featured speakers

  • Jose Garcia - Senior Consultant - Machine Learning & AI Ethics - EY
  • Maximilian Lutz - Senior Manager - Data Analytics & Intelligent Automation - EY - Europe
  • Oliver Mohajeri - Senior Consultant, AI-Assisted Intelligent Automation - EY
  • Michael Späth - Client Partner
  • Margit Vunder - EY - Europe


If you are interested, you can register here.

Source: HBA

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