Webinar: The digital transformation of Life Science and Healthcare during and after COVID-19

The webinar

  • The Covid-19 outbreak has served to stress the need for digital transformation. There is a heightened need for effective telemedicine solutions, as well as a reliable and safe way of exchanging patient information, among others.
  • The Dutch are the international front-runners in e-Health. Public-private collaborations and investments are the driving force behind a multitude of new ideas and right now, countless new e-Health applications are in the making.
  • Texas, on the other side, is home to most healthcare professionals, health clinics, and the world’s largest medical center (Texas Medical Center/TMC), which houses the world’s largest children’s hospital (Texas Children’s Hospital) and world’s largest cancer hospital (MD Anderson Cancer Center).
  • The Netherlands has been on the forefront of the digital healthcare revolution, and during the Covid-19 outbreak we see that many of the digital health companies find ways to have their innovative solutions implemented quicker and that exchange of data and information between healthcare stakeholders as well as telemonitoring and teleconsulting has become more dynamic.

This webinar was created to discuss the state of e-health in The Netherlands and Texas, and how we can learn from each other and cooperate in new solutions.

The speakers

Nora Belcher, Executive Director, Texas e-Health Alliance

Nora Belcher is the Executive Director of the Texas e-Health Alliance, a non-profit advocacy group that she started in 2009 to give health information technology stakeholders a voice in public policy. 

Lance Black, Associate Director, Texas Medical Center’s TMCx

Dr. Black served previously as Medical Device Innovation Lead, and draws on his extensive military, medical, and engineering expertise to support the resident companies of TMCx in developing innovative healthcare technologies. Carmen van Vilsteren, Chair, Top Sector Life Sciences & Health

Carmen van Vilsteren, Chair of the Top Sector Life Sciences & Health

Carmen van Vilsteren is Chair of the Top Sector Life Sciences & Health in the Netherlands. Van Vilsteren has ample experience in the medical industry, at Philips and later as CEO and co-founder of Microsure. In her current role as director of the Strategic Area Health at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), she combines her knowledge of setting up innovation programmes and public-private partnerships with scientific research.

The moderator

Saskia Pardaans, Chief Representative, NBSO Texas

As an entrepreneur Saskia Pardaans is specialised in sales, marketing and communication. Before joining the Netherlands Business Support Office- Texas, she has owned her own training company for 10 years. ‍


If you are interested in following this webinar, you can register here.

Source: NBSO Texas

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