Life Sciences & Health mission to Baden Wurttemberg and Bavaria


From 4  – 6 June (arrival 3rd of June), Task Force Health Care, Innovation Quarter and the NBSO Stuttgart organise a health mission focussed on regional hospitals of the German Federal States Bavaria and Baden Württemberg.

Mission objectives

  • Provide participants with key insights in the procurement and purchasing structures of German hospitals, healthcare insurers and group purchasing organisations (GPOs).
  • Facilitate long-term cooperation between Dutch and German parties to tackle shared challenges in healthcare such as hospital efficiency.
  • Provide possibilities for Dutch companies and organisations to establish contacts with leading German hospital groups, GPOs and healthcare insurers.

What to expect?

In just a few days, you will visit and network with the renowned public, university and private hospitals in the region, exchange knowledge and expertise, and learn about local challenges in healthcare of the federal states of Bavaria and Baden Württemberg. Additionally, you connect with potential partners, agents/distributors, customers and important decisionmakers in the German healthcare sector.

The programme consists of the following parts:

  • Collective visits to University Hospitals (e.g. Heidelberg), Public Hospitals and Private Hospital Groups (e.g. Sana Kliniken)
  • Networking moments such as a trade dinner and receptions to network (informally) with key stakeholders.
  • Knowledge sharing and networking with other Dutch participants of this mission and participants of the Smart Mobility mission.
  • Support from TFHC (sector expert), Innovation Quarter and NBSO Stuttgart (Germany Expert)
  • Partnering with potential partners/distributors and customers facilitated by Enterprise Europe Network (though a broad amount of partners in southern Germany will be invited, we cannot give off guarantees about the number of meetings).

A draft of the programme can be found here.

Opportunities in Baden Württemberg & Bavaria

Baden Württemberg and Bavaria are among the wealthiest federal states of Germany and are at the centre of the German medical industry. Only topped by North Rhine Westphalia, Bavaria and Baden Württemberg account for the largest part of German GDP: respectively 18,1 and 15,2 percent. Not only are these federal states among the wealthiest, but they are also in the top three of most populous German federal states with 12,5 and 10,7 million inhabitants.

Moreover, southern Germany is home to some of the largest and most renowned healthcare facilities in Germany such as Sana Kliniken (HQ: München), Universitätsklinikum Heidelberg and Universitätsklinikum Ulm. As an example, Sana Kliniken is the third largest hospital group in Germany operating 53 hospitals, clinics and elderly care facilities and sees over 2,2 million patient each year.

Who should participate?

  • Dutch organisations for whom hospitals are the main partner and/or customer.
  • Dutch organisations who want to enter, explore of further exploit the Germany market and are looking for partners/distributors.
  • Dutch knowledge- and research institutes looking for research/innovation partners such as university hospitals or private hospital groups.

Costs & Registration

Cost of participation is €850,- p.p. excluding VAT, travel, hotel and out of pocket costs. Included in the price are local transport and most lunches and dinners. A maximum of 2 persons per organisation can participate.

Please click here to sign up!

Travel & Hotel

Once you have signed up, travel agency Maritime Travel Services (MTS) in Rotterdam will arrange travel and hotels for you, unless you specifically indicate not to make use of this service. However, we strongly advise you to do so to be certain of your stay in the same hotels as the delegation and catch the return flight from the same airport. During the visit, we will travel by bus which will leave from the hotel arranged by the travel service. Shuttle service to the departing airport is included.

MTS will contact you to further discuss their service as soon as the route of the visit is confirmed and hotels/flights can be selected. Costs for the travel and hotel package are estimated to be around €1.000 – €1.250 p.p. (depending on the moment of booking) and will be invoiced by MTS to you directly.

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