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From 28 May – 1 June, Task Force Health Care (TFHC), in cooperation with the Netherlands Embassies in Sweden, Norway and Denmark, the Holland Innovation Network in Sweden and the Regional Economic Envoy for the Nordic and Baltic countries on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, organises a healthcare roadshow to Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen. This visit is a follow-up of the healthcare studies which were launched last year.

Opportunities in Scandinavia
Sweden (28 – 29 May): has the lowest number of hospital beds with 2.7 beds per 100.000 people. This highlights Sweden’s emphasis on quickly transitioning people from hospital care to home care or rehabilitation. Dutch innovative solutions could enhance these transitions.
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Norway (30 May): is ever more dependent on telemedicine solutions to contain costs and provide quality care due to its disperse population. Like Sweden, the vast landscape caters to opportunities for Dutch proven eHealth concepts, assistive aids, etc.
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Denmark (31 May – 1 June): is open to international collaboration on innovation. Decision making and purchasing is centralised; medical supply procurement in large hospitals is ongoing until 2025. Interoperability issues also present opportunities for Dutch smart solutions.
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What to expect?
In only a few days you will obtain great insight in the Healthcare Markets in Sweden, Norway and Denmark and get connected to relevant decision makers, influencers and potential partners.

Each country visit will encompass the following elements (still subject to change):

  • Collective visits to relevant organizations such as hospitals and regions.
  • Conferences and co-create sessions: Solutions to Swedish/ Norwegian/ Danish – Dutch Future Health Challenges.
  • Individual appointments with relevant parties (whenever possible)
  • Network reception to (informally) network with relevant parties.
  • Knowledge sharing and networking with other members from the Dutch delegation.
  • Support from the TFHC and the Dutch embassies in Sweden, Norway & Denmark.

Target audience
Organisations active in the Healthcare sector, especially those focusing on the following areas of expertise:

  • eHealth / Digital Health: Smart solutions to use health resources such as information, finance and medicines are getting better and more efficiently. Services and technology to enable remote patient monitoring; better dissemination of information and improved access to health services, remote consultations and telemedicine.
  • Mobility & Vitality: Smart products and services designed to stimulate, enable and facilitate disable, less abled and vital citizens to be and stay active and mobile participants/ contributors in society.
  • Medical Devices: Smart Solutions which increase the quality, comfort and efficiency of care and decrease the costs, pain and treatment time.

Preparation meeting
To improve the collective and individual success of the roadshow, the TFHC will organise a preparatory participant meeting on Monday, May 14th.

How to join?
The participation fee for this visitor programme is €1.250 and €950 for TFHC members (excluding VAT, travel and lodging expenses). A travel itinerary with suggested flights will be shared with you in advance.

For more information or registration click here! Deadline registration: before March 15th
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