Holst Memorial Lecture and Symposium 2017

The Holst Memorial Lecture and Symposium are organized by Philips Research and the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (TU/e). This year’s Holst Lecture, the 41st since 1977, will be given by prof. Caroline Robert MD, PhD. Caroline Robert is University Professor of Dermato-Oncology and head of the Dermatology Unit at the Gustave Roussy Cancer Centre, Villejuif- Paris, France.

Symposium ‘Oncology: from Diagnosis to (Immuno)Therapy’
The treatment of cancer over the past decade has seen considerable progress. Refined surgical techniques allow for more complex tumors to    be operated on. Innovative radiation therapy technologies have been developed, which lead to more precise delivery of treatment. Chemotherapies have improved. Imaging plays an increasingly crucial role in oncological  care  in  clinical  practice.  It  is  employed  in  screening  to  detect disease early. It  is  furthermore  essential  in  determining  the  specific  type  of disease as well as the outlook for  the  patient,  which  together  largely  define treatment choice. Furthermore, in recent years cancer immunology has come to the forefront and has produced several new methods of treating cancer that increase the strength of immune responses against tumors. Immunotherapy stimulates the activities of the patients own immune system or counteract signals produced by cancer cells that suppress immune responses. Four eminent scientists will share their views on developments in their specific field of research, focusing on aspects like imaging, pathology, therapeutic applications and immunology.

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