2nd European Symposium on The New Regulations on Medical Devices


Following the success of the first inaugural Congress in Prague, this second congress will address the important updates for Medical Devices.

In conjunction with EAAR (European Association of Authorized Representatives), our excellent panel of experienced professionals in this field will once again ensure a symposium of noteworthy quality.

Topics to be covered, among others will be:

  • New Regulations strengthening the rules on placing medical devices on the market
  • Reinforcement surveillance
  • Manufacturers' responsibilities for the follow-up of the quality, performance and safety of their devices
  • The improvement trace-ability throughout the supply chain
  • The central database to provide patients, healthcare professionals and the public with comprehensive information on products available in the EU market
  • Authorized Representative vs the Qualified Person   

Join the RMD2017 Symposium and benefit from expanding your network. Visit the website for the detailed information and registration.

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