Biomedica Life Sciences Summit

9 & 10 May
Location: Eindhoven

Biomedica 2017: Healthcare for the future
In the spirit of euregional and international cooperation, the 2017 Biomedica Life Sciences Summit will bring together top researchers, innovators, and entrepreneurs from Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands, and also from all over the globe. We are certain that our next Biomedica Summit will be an even bigger success than the last.

TU Eindhoven is an ideal venue for the Biomedica Summit. The Technical University shares our concern with understanding how healthcare and technology intersect: how we can use new and evolving technologies to identify and treat illnesses, or how we can integrate medical technologies into our lives to make us healthier and to help us live longer. With focuses on regenerative medicine, bio-molecular diagnostics, medical imaging, robotics, and participatory health and well-being, TU Eindhoven’s research speaks directly to the Biomedica Summit’s interests in biotech, biopharma, medtech, and care.

But the Biomedica Life Sciences Summit is much, much more than a research symposium. Its program features opportunities for investors and start-ups, job-seekers and employers alike. One of our most popular events is the pitch, an opportunity for start-ups to spend just a few minutes discussing their ideas. This gives investors the chance to hear ideas they may not otherwise hear, and get in on the ground floor of an important innovation.

Our student track gives young biomedical professionals the chance to speak with innovators in the field. They get proven advice from important, euregional innovators about how to make their start in the field. They even have the chance to network with regional companies who may be hiring, or who might have the right connections.

This is, finally, what Biomedica is about. After all, innovations are about making connections. Whether it’s getting the right people in the room together, or seeing the link between two seemingly disparate ideas, innovations happen only with the right connections.

The programme will find lectures around the following topics:

  1. Smart Diagnostics
  2. Regenerative Medicine
  3. Cardiac Monitoring
  4. Precision Medicine: Perinatal Developments

Read more about the programme on the website.

Student tracks
For students there will be an attractive parallel program with plenty of information about their future bosses ("meet your CEO"), or how to raise funds.

Keynote by Prof. Dr. Frank Baaijens
Prof. Dr. Frank Baaijens, Rector Magnificus of the Eindhoven University of Technology will give a Keynote with the topic in situ cardiovascular tissue engineering.

Sponsors and exhibitors
In our 2,000 m² exhibition area you have the opportunity to meet your future European business partners. Do not miss that chance. It is NEVER too late to register as an exhibitor!

There are a large number of international institutions and companies attending the Biomedica 2017. Join them and become part of that interesting network.

Poster registrations
As a talented scientist or student you have until 13 April to register your poster if you would like it to be officially listed in the Biomedica proceedings and have the chance to present your innovation at the Biomedica Life Sciences Summit. If you don't wish to appear in the proceedings just let us know when you register.

If you are a delegate at the Biomedica Life Science Summit 2017 you can participate in our matchmaking and meet interesting participants in one-on-one meetings.

"The Biomedica Life Sciences Summit is an excellent opportunity to meet international contacts for more than 10 years. We have seen a lot of business relationships being established at the Summit and look forward to expanding the network in 2017"- Prof Dr. Martin Paul, Chairman Biomedica Foundation.

Please visit the website for more information and registration.

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