Diagnosis, Medicines, Recovery symposium

On November 23rd, 2016, a Symposium is organized by the six consortia in the so-called "LSH-FES" program.

This day, the six consortia will present the innovations they have developed in the past 5 years. These innovations are also highlighted in the book “Diagnosis, Medicines, Recovery”. During the symposium, this book will be presented to a member of the Dutch government.

‘Diagnosis, medicines, recovery’ reports on the groundbreaking results achieved by the six LSH-FES consortia: tEPIS, Cyttron II, NeuroBasic, Virgo, DCTI and NIRM. The activities of these consortia were carried out from 2010 to 2016 and were partly funded from natural gas revenues. The fields of activity of these research consortia were diverse, ranging from image sharing, bioimaging and brain disorders to viruses, type 1 diabetes and regenerative medicine. Despite their varied focus, the six consortia all worked on the often-difficult transition from fundamental research to practical applications. After six years of hard work, the results of these joint initiatives are now clearly visible – many of the developments can be applied immediately to help patients or used in further research that will directly affect patients.

Further activities are presentations by representatives of the Dutch “National Science Agenda”, as well as live demonstrations of products that have been developed within the projects.

The symposium will start at 12.00 hrs and will be closed with networking opportunities and drinks at 18.00 hrs. Please download the programme here. Venue: Beatrix Building, Jaarbeurs Utrecht.

Register via Sigrid Rog.

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