Matchmaking Biotechnology and Safety

Matchmaking Biotechnology and Safety
To encourage the submission of proposals in the call Biotechnology and Safety and to stimulate formation of required project teams a matchmaking event is scheduled on September 15th, 2016 in Utrecht (location to announced) from 12.30pm.

The match making event is structured along the cross-cutting safety issues and areas of research described in the call brochure Biotechnology and Safety “New and future modern biotechnology techniques and applications in relation to environmental safety”.

  • Cross-cutting safety issues:
  • Creating inherent safety,
  • Finding new and alternative approaches to risk assessment and risk management,
  • Adapting the current risk assessment methods.

There are six areas to which these cross-cutting safety issues can be applied:

  • Advanced genome editing
  • Intentionally regulating gene expression
  • Modularization
  • New forms of life (protocells, non-natural DNA & amino acids)
  • Converging technologies
  • Safe and sustainable biotechnology

More information on these themes, the resulting matrix, as well as the submission criteria for proposals within this call we refer to the STW website and call brochure

If you wish to register for the matchmaking event please fill out the registration form before September 9th, 2016. We encourage you to bring your business cards and mobile phone for the interactive character of this matchmaking event. 

See you on September 15th, 2016.

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