Upgraded Life Festival

Helsinki, Finland

A festival uniting the pioneers in Healthcare, Wellness, Big Data in Health, Quantified Self, Biohacking, Fitness, Health in Wearables and Internet of Things.

Event themes

  • INNOVATIONS IN HEALTHCARE: Latest breakthroughs in hospitals and healthcare
  • FUTURE OF BIOBANKS, GENETICS AND DIAGNOSTICS: Technology, genes and medicine combined towards personalized healthcare
  • WEARABLES, SPORTS & FITNESS: Training 2.0, using new innovations to push wellbeing and sports performance to the next level
  • BIOHACKING & NUTRITION: Taking your body to the next level, what is around the corner?
  • BIG DATA AND IoT IN HEALTH: The impact and opportunities of data and machines in the health and wellness industry
  • DIGITAL HEALTH AT WORK: Work environment supporting health and wellbeing

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