World Healthcare Forum

22 - 24 November
Location: The Hague

Bringing global healthcare to a higher level

The World Healthcare Forum aims to identify the major needs, best practices, and ways forward in organizing better, more accessible and more sustainable healthcare worldwide.


  • Arne Bjornberg - Chairman & COO - Health Consumer Powerhouse, Ltd.
  • K Srinath Reddy - Public Health Foundation India
  • Janke Dittmer - Partner Gilde Investment
  • Sir Roy Anderson - Imperial College
  • John R. Finnegan - Dean of the School of Public Health - University of Minnesota
  • Scott Hillstrom - Chairman of the Board and Co-Founder -The Healthstore Foundation
  • David J. Hunter - Non-executive Director - NICE
  • Ludwig Kanzler - Founder - Hanegi Solutions
  • Tikki Pang (Pangestu) - Former Director Research Policy & Cooperation - World Health Organization
  • Victor Dzau - Institute of Medicin
  • Carissa Etienne - WHO South America
  • Jaap Seidell - Wetenschappelijke Raad voor Integrale Duurzame Landbouw en Voeding
  • Hugo Tempelman - CEO - Ndlovu Care Group
  • Paola Testori Coggi - Former Director General for Health and Consumers of the European Union
  • Christine Vanbroeckhoven - University of Antwerp
  • Paula Wilson - President and Chief Executive Office - Joint Commission International
  • Florence Jennings - Advisor Sensor technology Health Applications - University of Singapore and Founder Deltalytics LTD

The WHF is a three-day forum aimed at bringing healthcare to a higher level. Every day will consist of: Brief visionary lectures on different topics given by leading opinion leaders from all over the world. Panel discussions with experts on where you can pose specific questions you may have. Breakout sessions of small groups aimed at discussing in more depth specific topics that matter to you

Our mission is to bring healthcare to a higher level by discussing key healthcare topics. This year, our speakers will address amongst a few, the following topics:

  • Accessibility of healthcare
  • Innovation in healthcare
  • Quality of healthcare
  • Sustainability of healthcare
  • Value-based healthcare
  • Resource management
  • Increasing costs of healthcare
  • Disease prevention

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