Drug Development Course: from idea to drug

A one-day Course in Drug Development

The discovery and development of a new drug is a highly complex process involving various scientific disciplines. Many scientific specialists contribute with essential information and know-how to drug discovery and development programs. In the day-to-day practice, PHC-consultants have noticed that many people partly or indirectly involved in drug discovery and/or development have the desire to learn more about the roles of and the interplay between the scientific disciplines involved.

Three consultants of Pharma Holland Consultancy – each of them having over 20 years of experience in managing pharmaceutical discovery and development projects at midsize and Big Pharma companies – will present the whole trajectory of drug discovery, development and registration, taking into account the interests and demands of stakeholders, such as patients, payers and authorities. By using real life examples the participants will obtain a better and useful insight into the overall research and development efforts required to transform the idea for an innovative drug into a marketed product. Special attention will also be paid to avoiding major pitfalls in the drug development process.

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