GROZ: Joining forces for a fit society

On 4 July 2018, the Top Sector Life Sciences & Health (Health~Holland) will start the initiative GROZ. GROZ seeks to realise a new balance in our healthcare system and is a national collaboration in the area of the societal challenge Health and Care. Within GROZ, citizens, healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs, scientists, financiers and the government will join forces at both local and national level. And they will do far more than just talk. All of the parties will work together on concrete healthcare innovations with the aim of realising a fit society with a healthy economy.

The power of citizen initiatives

Regional initiatives by and for citizens result in innovative, locally supported solutions for challenges in healthcare. Furthermore, with this approach citizens feel increasingly supported by their municipality, care providers, local health service and entrepreneurs. Powerful examples are Vitaal Vechtdal, Austerlitz Zorgt and Stichting Gezondheidscentra Nijkerk. How can initiatives like these lead to a new balance in healthcare elsewhere in the Netherlands as well?

Launch GROZ

The needs of citizens will increasingly take centre stage in the healthcare system. Therefore the first GROZ meeting on 4 July will start with citizen initiatives. Citizens initiatives will come together to inform and inspire each other using ten concrete conditions for success. Subsequently the parties will jointly determine what is needed from other stakeholders so that the citizen initiatives can grow successfully.

Working on the societal challenge Health and Care

Based on the needs that arise from these citizen initiatives presented on 4 July, the Top Sector Life Sciences & Health will organise three other meetings in the second half of 2018 with healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs, investors and financiers. These meetings will in turn consider the themes workforce, the changing supply within companies, and funding structures. With this approach, GROZ wants to create a domino effect as a result of which parties jointly come into action for the societal challenge Health and Care.

The Top Sector LSH and the other parties in its coalition will use GROZ as a starting point for a national transformation of the healthcare system in which citizens, quality, accessibility and affordability are the priorities.

About GROZ
GROZ is a collaboration at the initiative of various parties including ZonMw, VitaValley, Equalis, Care IQ, OptiMedis Nederland and JB Lorenz and it is being facilitated by the Top Sector Life Sciences & Health (Health~Holland). The Top Sector LSH wants to accelerate the transformation of the healthcare system by connecting parties with each other. It does this by encouraging and facilitating public-private partnerships, for example. Would you like to know more about GROZ? Or would you like to make a contribution to the concrete solutions? Then please contact Naomi Vorstermans.

GROZ: Joining forces for a fit society

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