Submit your private investments in R&D this spring!

Top Sector Life Sciences & Health (LSH) supports innovative research and development realised by public-private partnerships (PPPs). The Top Sector brings together stakeholders in a shared, consolidated innovation infrastructure. By means of PPP Allowance, the Top Sector provides a financial instrument to help consortia consisting of research organisations, knowledge institutes, companies, and health foundations to realise their innovative ideas.

Every year, the Top Sector LSH applies for PPP Allowance at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy by identifying contributions of private partners in PPPs in the LSH sector (called: Grondslag). If you are a company investing in R&D in the Netherlands or working at a research organisation that receives private investments for your R&D, you can submit these projects via the Top Sector LSH! For every submitted €1 we receive €0,25 which  will be invested in new PPPs!

In this way, the financial potential of the PPP Allowance for the LSH sector has increased exponentially: from €4M in 2013 to almost €38M in 2017.

Interested in joining this funding opportunity? Please contact Hanna Groen before the end of April.

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