#1 Healthcare in Europe according to the EHCI Report

European healthcare is steadily improving, in spite of alarm bells about financial crisis austerity measures, aging population and migration turmoil. Survival rates of heart disease, stroke and cancer are all increasing. Infant mortality, perhaps the most descriptive single indicator, keeps going down. This is a main conclusion from the 2015 Euro Health Consumer Index (EHCI), published today by the Health Consumer Powerhouse (HCP) Ltd. The EHCI, started in 2005, is the leading comparison for assessing the performance of national healthcare systems in 35 countries.

Eight countries, all Western European, are scoring above 800 points of the maximum 1000. These are followed at some little distance by four other affluent countries (Denmark, Sweden, France and Austria) “not quite making it” for different reasons. The first CEE country, the Czech Republic, is closing in, now only 14 points behind Austria. The Netherland stays the European Champion and the only country reaching above the 900 points level.

Please read the report here.

Source: Health Powerhouse

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