Loyens & Loeff new partner in LifeSciences@Work Accelerator

LifeSciences@Work (LS@W) is proud to announce a partnership with Loyens & Loeff.  Loyens & Loeff is the first organisation in a range of commercial partners to follow, that will support the LS@W accelerator.

Existing public partners are Health~Holland, the Top Sector Life Science & Health and the Ministry of Economic affairs. Commercial partners will not only offer valuable additional expertise and knowledge for the start-ups, but will also ensure that the accelerator is embedded in today’s Life Sciences market.

Life Sciences start-ups are mostly active in an international context and handle highly sensitive personal health information. Having a legal and tax partner on board that is familiar with the sector and internationally focused is particularly useful. Loyens & Loeff has the experience and expertise to help the LS@W start-ups prepare for their international endeavours.

Nelleke Krol, partner at Loyens & Loeff: “We really look forward to starting a dialogue with young innovative entrepreneurs in the Life Sciences & Health sector and helping them with legal and tax issues. At the same time, this is an excellent opportunity to take our services to a higher level. Clients are our best sounding board.”

Chretien Herben, program director LS@W and valorisation manager of Top Sector Life Sciences & Health: “The LS@W accelerator has demonstrated to be very successful over the past years. To continue the program and to further improve the quality we are looking for strong partners that provide additional expertise and knowledge for the start-ups. We are very enthusiastic about the commitment of a progressive firm like Loyens & Loeff”.

LS@W accelerator aims to support the most promising start-ups in Life Sciences. These originate from excellent academic research in areas such as genomics, metabolomics, proteomics, and bioinformatics for application in Drug Development, Diagnostics, Medical Devices and eHealth. LS@W was established in 2008 by the Netherlands Genomics Initiative (NGI) and has since then supported over 80 high potential start-ups.


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