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Are you a Dutch LSH organization and would you like to know more about the potential of PPPs in the field of global health? Join for this dynamic dialogue.

Join for an inspiring Global Health Dialogue, where we explore the mutual benefits of public-private partnerships (PPP) for global health. Discover how the synergy between public and private entities not only enhances public health outcomes but also drives corporate social responsibility, opens new markets, and fosters innovation, contributing towards improving health worldwide.

When: 12 September 2024, 15:00 – 17:00
Where: Physical (venue will be announced soon)
For: Dutch Life Sciences & Health companies
Organizing parties: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, MeduProf-S, PharmAccess, Philips, Task Force Health Care


The world is facing a surge in international health threats, disproportionately impacting vulnerable populations. Climate change and economic crises are increasing cross-border health risks, driving up healthcare costs while budgets struggle to keep pace. Innovative approaches are necessary to address these challenges. In response, the Dutch government launched the Global Health Strategy 2023-2030, identifying key areas for improving public health worldwide. The strategy highlights the importance of including the private sector in healthcare financing and delivery through PPPs. These partnerships embrace innovation and promote investment in inclusive business models, creating a sustainable impact beyond traditional philanthropy. Regulatory bodies foster an enabling environment for non-state actors to thrive, centering community trust. Meanwhile, the private sector accelerates innovation, efficiency, and investment leading to better long-term health outcomes. Together, these efforts can tackle global health challenges with scalable, inclusive solutions.

What to expect?

  • Insightful Keynotes: Hear from thought leaders and experts on the latest developments in global health and get insights about funding opportunities and modalities in Kenya.
  • Interactive Panel Discussions: Where public and private sector partners will share their experiences and insights on leveraging PPPs for global health innovation and investment.
  • Open Discussion: Participate in an open forum to discuss strategies for effectively supporting and positioning PPPs to impact global health.


Participation costs

Attending this Health~Holland Global Health Dialogue is free of charge. If you are unavailable to attend the event, please unregister at least a day ahead of the event. We are obliged to charge a fee of €75 in case of a no show for venue and catering costs.

Do you want to join this event? Then please register now. The location will be announced soon.


Source: TFHC

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