Health~Holland Visitors Programme


The Netherlands invites decision-makers in healthcare and well-being from around the globe to increase their knowledge of the worldwide renowned Dutch health system and related solutions and join a vibrant international dialogue on shared health challenges and smart solutions!

The Health~Holland Visitors Programme is a 3-day digital programme for decision-makers in international, national, regional and local healthcare. It aims to increases your knowledge of the worldwide renowned Dutch Health system and related smart solutions which increase quality, affordability and accessibility. The programme enables you to meet fellow professionals who share the same passion and face similar challenges in healthcare. Join the programme and compare policies and procedures, structures, solutions and opportunities for partnerships to foster improvement.

The Future of Health Care

Health systems around the world are struggling with ageing populations, the rising prevalence of chronic diseases and the continuous search towards improved quality, access, and affordability. The coronavirus outbreak posed additional challenges to health systems and its stakeholders. Challenges for which smart solutions had to be designed, but also accelerated the implementation of already existing smart solutions. What we have learned about the future of health care in recent times? Which new or underexposed smart solutions have proven to be effective? What methods and approaches still needs to be improved or redesigned? What will stay? And what will go?

The Netherlands is renowned for its well-functioning health system and innovative approaches and solutions. This year’s Health~Holland Visitors Programme will focus on a virtual international exchange and dialogue of best practices and lessons learned from corona that will shape the future of health care. As a hosting country and innovation leader, The Netherlands will share their experiences and expertise. Decision-makers in health from around the world are invited to join this international dialogue and discuss smart solutions that benefit health systems and stakeholders during and after corona. 

About The Netherlands

The Netherlands is home to a vibrant, concentrated Life Science & Health cluster of more than 3.000 healthcare companies and research organisations, all within a 200 kilometre radius. The Netherlands is considered to be the most concentrated region in the world when it comes to creating economic and social value to healthcare. It all started in the 16th and 17th century, when the Dutch invented the microscope and pioneered in microbiology. Nowadays, the Netherlands faces challenges, but through innovation it is able to deal with increasing health care costs.

Source: Health Holland Visitors Programme

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