Webinar: The Journey to Courageous Transformation

To lead in a world full of ambiguity and complexity, it’s essential that leaders build agile capabilities to transform themselves, their teams, and organisations. HBA Amsterdam, Brussels and Mid-Atlantic have joined forces for the second episode of the Transformative Leadership Series; a collective discourse, exploring new organisational and leadership paradigms with thought leaders and edge thinkers around the world. You are invited to join the webinar on 19 May from 18:00-19:30 PM CET.

In this episode, it is an honour to have Sheri Morin (Chief Purpose Officer for Roche Netherlands) in a heart-to-heart conversation about her journey to lead a courageous transformation – both personal and organisational. She will discuss how the culture of autonomy, experimentation and entrepreneurial mindset became the key ingredients of the global agile transformation. She will talk about the immense value of empowerment, resulting in a truly soulful environment for the employees, and in turn, doing now what patients need next.

After Sheri’s talk, the participants will be invited to ask questions, as well as to open a dialogue on topics shared within the narrative in breakout rooms. The resulting insights from individual circles will be captured to frame informed conversations, allowing for a new type of collective intelligence to emerge. The generative conversation will be hosted by Lara Yumi Tsuji Bezerra.


6:00-6:10 Opening Remarks
6:10-6:30 The Journey to Agile Transformation
6:30-7:00 Q&A
7:00-7:30 Reflections and Networking

Registration information

This event will take place over Zoom. To attend, please register for the event here.

First episode

On the first episode, Gertje van Roessel, Chief International Officer of Buurtzorg and Sheri Morin talked about the power of self-leadership to lead with authenticity and build purposeful organisations. You can watch the recording here: bit.ly/Ep1_Self-Leadership.

Source: HBA

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