Colombia | Digital LSH showcase


Colombia | Digital LSH showcase

Task Force Health Care, together with RVO, the Netherlands Embassy in Bogotá and Holland House Colombia organise a digital LSH showcase with the option of matchmaking from 26 to 30 October 2020.   

Why Colombia? 

With a population of about 50 million people and an area of 1 109 500 km2 – Colombia is the 4th largest and Latin America’s fastest-growing and most stable economy. In the largest cities, one can receive a very high standard of healthcare. 23 out of 58 best hospitals in Latin America are located in Colombia, with a strong private sector that is willing to invest. Simultaneously, the government is investing millions of USD in the public sector with the aim of increasing overall access to quality care and stimulating healthcare providers to invest in innovative solutions. With the Dutch and Colombian having similar ‘Managed Competition’ health systems, and through four years (2015–2019) of intense bilateral high-level exchanges in healthcare, the Netherlands has been established as the number one reference country for many key stakeholders in Colombia. Both hospitals and health insurers are actively doing business with Dutch companies & organisations, either directly or through local representatives. This creates an inviting landscape for interested Dutch healthcare companies and knowledge institutes. 

What to expect?

This digital LSH showcase provides excellent opportunities to meet new relevant business contacts and to learn more about current developments in the Colombian healthcare sector.  You can expect the following program components during this online event. 

Digital Kick-off with Dutch Ambassador in Bogotá and prominent Colombian LSH stakeholderupdating you on current developments, challenges & opportunities in Colombia’s health sector 

  • Tailored preparatory workshop for participants to learn how to get the most out of your one-on-one matchmaking and how to follow-up. Specifically focused on contacts/relations with Colombian LSH Stakeholders.  
  • Your company profile and solution included on a tailored Health~Holland website This digital showcase presents the Dutch LSH sector in an inspiring and innovative way, including the unique profiles of the participants, highlighting your solutions. The website is specifically targeted towards Colombian counterparts/visitors and will be available in Spanish. The website includes a contact form through which possible Colombian counterparts can request digital appointments with the Dutch participants. 
  • Small scale roundtables on specific themes that allow you to discuss the current challenges and pitch your corresponding solutions towards Colombian stakeholders. The themes are based on the profiles of the Dutch participants.
  • Support from and representation by TFHC, Holland House Colombia and the Dutch government  

Your organization is part of a public-private activity in which the Dutch government and Holland House Colombia provide support and contributes to your reputation and credibility. 

  • Interactive and informal knowledge sharing between Dutch organizations interested and/or active in Colombia: exchange experiences and lessons learned 

PLEASE NOTE! That this digital showcase replaces the physical expo and visit of the OES (Organización para la Excelencia de la Salud) International Forum in Cartagena that was scheduled for May 2020. This forum is the main annual event during which key stakeholders from the Colombian healthcare sector come together to discuss quality and safety of care and to get to know international innovative products & solutions. TFHC and Holland House Colombia will actively collaborate with the OES to attract, involve and invite Colombian stakeholders to visit the showcase and participate in the roundtable sessions.

Target audience 

The health mission is relevant for Dutch companies and knowledge institutes active in the LSH sector who want to explore, enter or strengthen current activities in the Colombian health care sector. In particular for those in the following fields: 

  • Medical Devices and appliances: Products, devices, disposables and equipment within the healthcare sector. 
  • Health Development/Knowledge/Education: Knowledge, products and services within the domains education, policy, financing, training, consultancy and advisory services to set up, improve access to, and optimise the healthcare system. 
  • eHealth and Value Based Healthcare: Products and services within the domains of information- & communication technologies which contribute to the safety, efficiency, effectiveness and digitalisation of the healthcare sector. 
  • Mobility & Vitality: Products and services in the field of prevention, rehabilitation, elderly care and home care. 

Pre-Register today!

  • Participants fee: EUR 450 – 650 excl. VAT
  • Participants of this event have the possibility to apply for matchmaking provided by Holland House Colombia (additional costs EUR 400)
  • Pre-register here

PLEASE NOTE! That the participant’s fee is partially based on the financial support of the government. In case this financial support is not available, the participation fee will be higher.  With a pre-registration, you will receive all updates about this event. You are not committed to any formal registration.

If you want more information about this event please leave your contact details and we will get in touch with you. Please contact Esther van den Heuvel for more information about this event:

Source: TFHC

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