Symposium 'Technology meets Value-Based Health Care'

on the occasion of the inauguration of prof. dr. Lukas Dekker at the Eindhoven University of Technology

Technological innovations and value-based health care are considered the essential fundaments for sustainable, future healthcare. At this symposium physicians, medical technology experts and value-based healthcare experts will share their insights and knowledge in order to bring these worlds together. This is an Eindhoven Medtech Innovation Center (e/MTIC) symposium, organised in collaboration with the Dutch Cardiovascular Alliance (DCVA).


09:30-10:00 dr. Dennis van Veghel
Catharina Hospital, Netherlands Heart Registration
The potential of value-based healthcare: from theory to implementation
10:00-10:25 3 young investigators 3 pecha kucha's
10:25-10:45 Break  

dr. Inge Wijnbergen and dr. Marcel van 't Veer
Catharina Hospital and TU/e

Dialogue on coronary artery disease: from bedside to bench and back

11:15-11:40 3 young investigators 3 pecha kucha's

prof. dr. Frans van de Vosse and drs. Jo Zelis
TU/e and Catharina Hospital

Dialogue on aortic valve stenosis: from bedside to bench and back

12:10-13:10 Lunch and exhibition  

prof. dr. Wiek van Gilst
Dutch Cardiovascular Alliance

DCVA: earlier detection, better solutions


dr. ir. Kees van der Klauw
Eindhoven MedTech Innovation Center

e/MTIC and the hidden assumptions in healthcare innovation


dr. Paul Cremers
Netherlands Heart Network

NHR: implementation of value-based healthcare in the full cycle of care


dr. ir. Christine Muzel & dr. ir. Franklin Schuling

VBHC in med-tech industry

This symposium has been accredited with 5 points by both NVVC and NVT.

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