Digital Medical Expertise & Applications (DMEA)

Are you active in digitalisation in healthcare and is Germany an important (upcoming) market? If so, then the DMEA (formerly known as the ConhIT) needs to be in your agenda! Because of the strategic importance of this trade fair and congress for Dutch companies and organisations wanting to be active in Germany, Task Force Health Care together with the Netherlands Business Support Office in Stuttgart is organising a collective Dutch visit to the DMEA from 9 – 11 April, 2019.

The DMEA is the congress and trade fair where all German (and European) stakeholders in digital health are present to learn about new trends and innovations, network, find partners and learn about the digitalisation of healthcare in Germany.

Why this year’s edition is crucial to Dutch companies and organisations

This is the time to invest in your network and partners in Germany. Germany has long been hesitant with the implementation and roll-out of digital technology in the healthcare infrastructure. At the core of this hesitance have been privacy and security concerns, made increasingly difficult by the sheer amount of agencies and parties that have to come to agreements on the way forward. Nevertheless, Germany is keenly aware of the necessity to move forward. The mounting pressure and momentum is now leading to concrete changes in attitude and legislation. Consequently, this gives more room to start and develop pilots, projects, and work together the Netherlands – which is known in Germany as innovative and leading the field in terms of digitalising healthcare.

Want to know more on the DMEA, what's includes and how you can join? Visit the TFHC website or contact Guido Danen.

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