Partnerships MeetUp: Pioneer medicine. Together

This November, the first Partnerships MeetUp will take place: an event by - and for - life science professionals. Learn more about the key ingredients of successful public-private partnerships, and discuss how to take partnerships to the next level. It’s a great opportunity to strengthen existing relationships, and to form new partnerships on the way!

The many challenges facing modern society have much in common. They all demand solutions to increasingly complex problems, affecting more people, and using fewer resources. Innovation in health research is no exception, and it increasingly depends on cooperative ventures between public organizations, authorities, and private enterprises – on public-private partnerships (PPPs).

Such multi-party partnerships are often complex, and to succeed they need to generate win-win outcomes for all participants. The Partnerships MeetUp on 15 November aims to bring together all those interested in pioneering medicine through close collaboration. It will reveal the key ingredients of successful PPPs, and will include discussion around how to take partnerships to the next level. The goal is to help cement relationships that are already in place and to foster new ones.

Interactive parallel sessions will start the day, organized by representatives from public-private partnerships in the fields of Neglected Diseases, Data Infrastructure, and Sharing Resources.

In the afternoon, different players from our diverse Life Science & Health sector will share their vision of how PPPs can evolve successfully, and what they can contribute to all those who take part.

The meeting will close with a networking drinks reception on the 6th floor of the Beatrix Building, where Lygature and the Jaarbeurs will open the Jaarbeurs Innovation Mile (JIM) – a hub where various life science organizations in the Netherlands will be based.

Register now for the first Partnerships MeetUp, at the Beatrix Building in Utrecht on 15 November 2016. And get ready to ‘Pioneer medicine. Together.’ 

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