TFHC Event on International Healthcare Opportunities

The Task Force Health Care cordially invites you to attend the event ‘International Healthcare Opportunities’, which will take place on Thursday March 10th 2016, from 13:30 – 19:00 (including network dinner) at VNO-NCW (the Hague).

This edition

  • Trend watcher Richard van Hooijdonk on the Future of Healthcare. Is your organisation ready for doing business internationally on the long term.
  • Signing of the NEW Covenant between Health~Holland and TFHC.
  • Dutch Healthcare Expertise: How to Export Knowledge?
  • Colombian Healthcare Market: a Hidden Gem!
  • The NEW International Strategy of the Topsector LSH.
  • Improving Healthcare Together: The Case of Indonesia.
  • Networking and interaction with fellow Dutch organisations, both public and private, that are active in the international health domain.

13:30 – 14:00 Welcome and Registration

Welcome and Opening
Thijs Teeling, Chairman Task Force Health Care.

Export Promotion from a Policy Perspective
Cees Oudhoorn, Director Policy on behalf of host VNO-NCW.

The Future of Healthcare! Is Your Organisation Ready?
Richard van Hooijdonk, Trend watcher and International Keynote Speaker.
Trend watcher Richard van Hooijdonk will take us on a journey from advancements in technology, data and patient empowerment to shape an organisation that is fit for the future of healthcare in a globalised world. Expect to be blown away!

15:30 - 16:30 Break-out Sessions - Round 1

A. Dutch Healthcare Expertise: How to Export Knowledge?
In internationalisation our healthcare sector, the holy grail often seems to be ‘how to export our health system’. Our health system (allegedly one of the best performing in the EU) consist of many different ingredients, expertise and factors. It is therefore hard to capture and define what is needed to export our ‘health system’. What we do know is that a large portion of our health system consists of ‘knowledge’ which come in many forms and shapes. In this session we like to challenge you in identifying what ‘knowledge’ The Netherlands has to offer – may it be design, concepts, systems or big data! And what the best strategies and paths are to successfully ‘export’ such knowledge?

B. Colombian Healthcare Market: a Hidden Gem!
The Colombian healthcare system is experiencing strong developments. Improving the quality of care, access to healthcare (insufficient capacity in urban and especially rural areas) and financial sustainability of the system are high on the national agenda and public funds are allocated to these challenges. Meanwhile, the private sector in the main cities offers high quality healthcare in an increasing amount of (new) hospitals and clinics. During a recent fact-finding visit, Colombia has shown great interest in Dutch expertise and solutions that can contribute to further develop their similar managed-competition health system. The TFHC and Holland House in Bogotá have performed an in-depth market study (including a fact-finding visit) for the healthcare opportunities in Colombia. During this meeting the results will be presented and possible further steps will be discussed.

16:45 – 17:45 Break-out Sessions Round 2

C. The NEW International Strategy of the Topsector LSH
The new International Strategy of the Topsector LSH was officially launched and received by Minister Schippers at MEDICA 2015. The Topsector LSH developed an international strategy for stimulating and supporting Dutch LSH organisations in their efforts abroad. The strategy focuses on the United States (developed market), China (upcoming market) and Eastern Africa (developing market). What does this strategy mean for the Topsector LSH and your organisation? What are the next steps?

D. Improving Healthcare Together: The Case of Indonesia
International business development can be done individually or collectively. TFHC has successfully visited Indonesia in 2012 and 2013 with a healthcare delegation. This delegation formed the basis of the ‘TFHC Working Group Indonesia’ in 2013 to respond to the invitation of the Indonesian Government to contribute to the implementation of ‘Universal Health Coverage’. The Working Group has invested time and efforts to collectively have more impact and to make a difference. Recently, a feasibility study for the improvement of primary care at a regional level has been performed in cooperation with Indonesian health stakeholders and with support of the Dutch Embassy. What are the opportunities in Indonesia? What are the lessons learned from this collective approach? And what are the next steps for promoting Dutch expertise in Indonesia?

17:45 - 19:00 Network Reception (including diner buffet)

For registration of information visit the website or contact Louis Putzeits.  

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