Health~Holland Supports EUREKA Call COVID-19

The coronavirus affects us all and the social consequences are significant. In the coming weeks and months, the corona crisis will lead to all kinds of practical challenges in healthcare and the rest of society.

Within the scope of the EUREKA Programme, a joint call has been launched to fund research and innovation projects aiming to find short and medium term responses to the needs specific to COVID-19. Turkey, Canada, Austria, Denmark, Netherlands, Spain, France will be joining this call to fund the joint projects.

Top Sector Life Sciences & Health (Health~Holland) provides budget (in total € 500.000) for Dutch applicants in this multilateral EUREKA call for solutions for COVID-19 Echo Period – “Life without a vaccine”. In this call, the Netherlands focuses on cooperation projects within the scope of Life Sciences and Health (Health & Care).

In addition to EUREKA eligibility criteria, for the Netherlands public-private cooperation is a prerequisite. The international consortium should consist of at least one for-profit enterprise and at least one research organisation. Furthermore, the project and consortium must comply with the national PPP allowance funding rules.

Companies and knowledge institutions are invited to submit short-term research and innovation projects with their international partner(s) for short-term health and care solutions for the coronavirus (COVID-19). Application deadline is 15 May 2020 by 17:00 (CEST).

In addition to the international EUREKA project form, the Dutch participants have to submit a national application form and annexes to Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO). RVO is the national contact point for EUREKA in the Netherlands, and supports Health~Holland in the implementation this call. For further questions and national applications we refer to RVO website.

Health~Holland Supports EUREKA Call COVID-19

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