Masterclass AMR in one Day

The Masterclass AMR in one Day is meant for board members, executives and managers who would like to fully understand content, meaning and impact of AMR. The Masterclass will deal with the meaning of AMR in the morning: bacteria, antibiotics and resistance. What are these actually and what is the meaning of abbreviations like ESBL, MRSA and BRMO. What are the metrics of AMR within and outside The Netherlands? In the afternoon we will discuss the impact of AMR: why is AMR so threatening, what are the implications of AMR for countries, regions, industrial chains and for the human and veterinary healthcare systems. And what does AMR mean for your own organization? But also: what happens within and outside the Netherlands to prevent AMR? Who is doing what, which organizations should one know and how can your organization benefit from these.

The Masterclass AMR in one Day is intensive, interactive and above all very informative. There is ample room for questions. We assume an educational level of at least HBO / HBO +.

Target audience
The Masterclass AMR in one Day is meant for board members, executives and managers who want to master the content, meaning and the impact of AMR. The Masterclass is of particular interest to:

  • Food companies
  • Dairy companies
  • Meat-processing companies
  • Water companies
  • Insurance companies
  • National and regional authorities
  • Healthcare institutions
  • Financial institutions
  • Pharm/biotech companies
  • Consulting firms
  • Etc

The program
The anticipated program of the Masterclass AMR in one Day:

9.00   Informal introduction, coffee
9.30   Bacteria and micro-organisms dominating
10:30 Antibiotics: usefulness, necessity and misery
11:30 AMR: Outbreaks, concepts and global consequences
12:30 Lunch buffet with AMR video (optional)
13:30 AMR: Threat to Health, Nutrition and the Environment
14:30 AMR: Prevention in the Netherlands and EU
15:30 AMR: Monitoring the use of antibiotics
16:00 AMR: Innovation in antibiotics, alternatives and diagnostics
17:00 A strategic response to AMR
17:30 Opportunity to network

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