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Usefulness of GrindCare® in bruxism diagnosis and management in dentistry

Finding the diagnostic and therapeutic niche for GrindCare®

This project aims to develop a multinational database with information on sleep bruxism (SB; i.e., clenching or grinding of the teeth during sleep) related to GrindCare® usage. The project is a collaboration between the Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam (ACTA) and Sunstar Suisse S.A.

SB is a common condition with a prevalence of about 12% in the general adult population. When SB is associated with negative consequences like masticatory muscle pain or severe tooth wear, valid assessment of its frequency and intensity as well as safe and effective management is indicated. For the easy assessment of SB as well as for its safe and effective management, GrindCare® has been developed. 

While the diagnostic accuracy and therapeutic efficacy of GrindCare® have so far been validated and demonstrated in small-scale studies with selected patient, insight into the exact niche of GrindCare® at the general population level is still lacking. Therefore, large-scale cohort data need to be collected in a multinational setting from all GrindCare® users worldwide. Hence, the aim of this project is the development of a multinational database, in which the data of all patients that are being assessed and managed with GrindCare® can be entered by the patients themselves (app-based) or by the prescribing dentists. 

This database will create a unique opportunity to determine the diagnostic and therapeutic niche of GrindCare® in SB, thereby contributing to quality of life of SB patients as well as to the containment of costs in oral health care.