Clinical Innovation: Making Patient Centricity a Reality


When “stay at home” became the norm, clinical trials had to follow suit and evolve at lightning speed. Remote monitoring, at-home delivery of drugs, new methods of self-reporting and a lot of innovations in clinical research accelerated. As a “side-effect” it became clear that many study participants actually considered some of these changes as favorable. While clinical study designs had already been moving towards a more patient-centric approach, the pandemic is likely accelerating their development and opening new doors.1

So where do we stand on making clinical development more patient-centric? Are the emergence of platform trials, the use of real-world data, involving patient insights in clinical trial design, and decentralised care having an impact on how new potential healthcare solutions are being developed?

During this session on 12 April from 15:30-17:00 novel approaches to clinical study designs and methods will be explored looking at the future of clinical development from the perspectives of academia, biotech and pharma. The evolution and potential impact of key innovations in clinical research and clinical care will be discussed, and how they aim to contribute to accelerate drug development.


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Source: JLABS

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