Europe's Connected Life Sciences & Health Metropolis

When addressing a theme as complex and ambitious as establishing the claim of ‘Europe’s connected Life Sciences & Health metropolis,’ it helps to have some guidelines at hand so that the story is first of all understood, and secondly, communicated in a clear and unambiguous manner to relevant publics via all touchpoints. We have established the high-level positioning as a starting point where all of our stories, narratives and explanations flow from. Via our stories, we create the ‘unbroken stream of evidence’ that helps to underpin our claim and enables us to create an image of the Netherlands as a vibrant, connected, collaborative  LSH community.

This document is intended to help you tell that story and to tell it in a way that is natural, logical, intelligent and inspiring. By explaining our proposition, we involve people in our story, and this gives us the platform to explain the genius that has driven many of our solutions to living in and creating a leading economy in a vulnerable, low-lying delta region. We provide arguments and counterarguments, proof points, values, and standpoints that will enable you to talk about ‘Europe’s connected Life Sciences & Health metropolis’, in a convincing and authoritative manner. It is through sharing this story that we can inform and inspire others to follow our lead.

Read here the Positioning Argumentation Guide!