EUREKA eHealth Call

The Netherlands and Switzerland are jointly announcing a bilateral call for project proposals on eHealth. This call is connected to the Dutch-Swiss long-term strategies in public health laid down in The Federal Council’s health policy strategy 2020–2030 and the Dutch Knowledge & Innovation Agenda (KIA) on Health and Care 2020-2023.

The primary focus of this call will be on stimulating application-driven research and development of technologies and innovations that allow children and adolescents in the primary/secondary school context, as well as their families and (in)direct relatives, to gain insight into their own health, related to their daily functioning and (inter)related  determinants, manage their health and daily functioning and contribute to health research (i.e. citizen science) through the use of health (related) data (“quantified self”-approach), with a view to improving both individual and population health (for instance via a personalised individual ePartner).

Top Sector Life Sciences & Health (Health~Holland) provides a budget (in total €1.000.000) for Dutch applicants in this bilateral eHealth Call for R&D Project Proposals. In addition to EUREKA eligibility criteria, public-private cooperation is a prerequisite. The international consortium should consist of at least one for-profit enterprise, one public partner (schools, municipalities, etc.) and one research institute from the Netherlands and Switzerland. Furthermore, the project and consortium must comply with the national PPP allowance funding rules.

The call is managed in line with the EUREKA initiative by the national EUREKA offices Innosuisse and Netherlands Enterprise Agency, in cooperation with Health~Holland and the Swiss Federal Office for Public Health. RVO is the national contact point for EUREKA in the Netherlands, and supports Health~Holland in the implementation this call.

B2B platform

The B2B platform offers participants with innovative ideas an effective way to meet and match. Visit the B2B platform here.


On 24 February an information webinar was organised. You can view the recorded webinar here.

Deadline submission project proposal

NL-CH consortia are encouraged to draft a project outline fitting the scope of this call before Friday April 30, 2021, 17:00 (CEST). The completed project outlines should be submitted to the national EUREKA offices, Innosuisse and Netherlands Enterprise Agency. The outlines will be screened by the two EUREKA offices, Health~Holland and the Federal Office for Public Health. Consortia will be provided with detailed feedback and most promising projects are invited to prepare adjusted full project proposal. If applicable, applicants can be invited to integrate their project with other submitted initiatives. If necessary, applicants receive recommendations on which of the other (EUREKA) funding mechanisms best/better fit their project idea.

Application details can be found in the call document below and on the B2B platform (Project outline form): eHealth Call for R&D Project Proposals Switzerland - Netherlands - Call Information (