Stimulation of the pituitary gland for pain reduction in the last phase of life

Pain reduction in the palliative phase is mostly achieved with opioids. However, these may not have adequate effects in some patients and cause severe side-effects that impair the ability to partake in social life. This project (re)introduces pituitary gland stimulation for pain relieve to achieve pain reduction without these side -effects.

Leiden joins forces to develop improved coronavirus vaccines

A unique public-private consortium consisting of Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC), ISA Therapeutics, and Immunetune aims to develop advanced vaccines against SARS-CoV-2, causing the pandemic COVID-19, and against other human coronaviruses. The vaccine is built on the combination of two strong synthetic vaccine platforms and the inclusion of conserved T and B cell epitopes to provide both humoral and cellular defenses against coronaviruses.

Combining Optics and Acoustics for Realtime Guidance during Cancer Surgery

It is proposed to develop a technology for real time guidance during cancer surgery. A probe will be developed that informs the surgeon realtime on the tissue type underneath the instrument. This will be achieved by strategically combining ultrasound imaging with the accurate tissue sensing capabilities of optical spectroscopy within one handheld device.

HIV Cure

The project will explore strategies to cure HIV via eliminating the HIV reservoir through induced cell death or through induced cell killing.

Enhancing Muscle Power in Geriatric Rehabilitation

Hospitalisation is often linked with loss of functional independence due to sarcopenia. Geriatric rehabilitation following acute disease, offers the opportunity to combat sarcopenia. The public-private consortium EMPOWER-GR aims to understand barriers/enablers diagnosing in treating sarcopenia. It also aims to intervene and evaluate a combined nutritional and exercise intervention. And finally its aim is to share knowledge about sarcopenia.