Follow the Dot to Beat your Anxiety

The Follow The Dot project evaluates the use of Virtual Reality in EMDR (VR-based EMDR) in children with post-traumatic stress symptoms in a multicenter Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT). VR-based EMDR stimulates self-care in the family setting and is expected to reduce symptom recurrence, enhance patient satisfaction and improve quality of life.

Better Sleep

The knowledge is missing that is essential for cost-effective roll-out of personalised treatment of insomnia. This project solves the bottleneck by creating a research platform for combined online behavioural change intervention and long-term monitoring of sleep, traits and health. A growing database will allow for optimised sleep interventions tailor to personalised needs, capacities, limitations and estimated benefits.

Food supplements to boost brain function – mind your blood vessels

This project aims to unravel mechanisms underlying beneficial effects of a novel food supplement on cognitive performance. This may contribute to the prevention of cognitive impairment and ultimately dementia. Focus will be on adults with an emerging pre-mild cognitive impairment condition who will benefit most from evidence-based intervention and prevention strategies.