Fast MRI in prostate cancer

MRI of the prostate is one of the best available methods to detect significant prostate cancer and its use will substantially increase for the next coming years. This project investigates new AI techniques for faster and more accurate MRI of the prostate for diagnostic and interventional purposes., the on-line tool to identify clinically relevant yeasts

IDCY contributed to the creation of an electronic database,, containing information on yeast biodiversity that is freely available. These data include phenotypic data, pictures, molecular barcodes, MALDI-TOF MS spectra, MIC values for antifungals, and nucleotide sequences of resistance-related genes. will contribute users to identify unknown yeasts correctly.

Consent giving for data exchange in Healthcare: What are the client’s needs?

Electronic data exchange is important to provide good healthcare. This project investigated the client’s needs in giving consent for data exchange. User studies were conducted and a privacy dashboard has been designed and evaluated. The clients experienced more control over the data exchange process by using the dashboard.