The Cognition Game Study

Cognitive impairment is a major problem for psychiatric patients, affecting their daily lives. The current study investigates a possible solution in the form of a newly developed online cognitive training game and assessment tool that can be easily completed from home.

The use of light and magnetism to reveal stem cell-based repair of hearing

A cochlear implant (CI) converts sound into an electrical signal which travels via the auditory nerve towards the brain. For this reason it is essential that a minimal amount of healthy auditory neurons is present in the cochlea, which is often not the case in hearing-impaired patients. We hypothesize that CI patients can benefit from stem-cell-based therapy to repair the auditory nerve.

New screening tool for Tuberculosis

A TB clinical decision system (CAD4TB+) has been developed for rapid screening of TB suspects. The system automatically analyses a chest radiography and by combining the result with other TB indicators - like HIV status and age - gives a nominal score between 0-100, the higher the score the more likely it is a TB suspect actually has the disease.