Triggers of atherothrombosis in peripheral artery disease (PAD)

In plasma and vascular atherosclerotic specimens from patients with PAD the contribution of contact activation is investigated, in particular of kallikrein, to thrombosis using state of the art laboratory techniques. With specific inhibitors developed by Bayer, we dissect the different pathways and define the contribution of kallikrein to thrombus formation. The hope is to achieve an effective but safer (with regard to bleeding) antithrombotic strategy to protect PAD patients from myocardial infarction and thrombotic stroke.

Drinking cow milk-derived nanovesicles for a healthy gut

Many chronic diseases but also ageing are associated, and sometimes causal related, with gut problems such as enhanced leakiness, dysbiosis of microbiota, and inflammation. The aim is to demonstrate that cow milk-derived extracellular vesicles isolated by activity guided fractionation, have a beneficial effect on intestinal barrier function, gut microbiome and immunity.

HIV Cure

The project will explore strategies to cure HIV via eliminating the HIV reservoir through induced cell death or through induced cell killing.

A synthetic RNA delivery platform for universal ex vivo modification of natural killer cells

A library of peptides will be screened to identify suitable candidates that could efficiently exert the delivery of mRNA to Natural killer cells. This approach will then be used to generate engineered natural killer cells that could be used for cancer immune-therapy by using overexpression or gene editing strategies.