A new animal free alternative to study atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis is the main underlying cause of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and due to its multifactorial natural is often studied in animal models. Here the aim is to develop an innovative ex vivo system to study the atherosclerotic disease process based on the actual human atherosclerotic plaque. In line with the Transition to Animal-free Innovation (TPI), the aim is to develop a model that generates data on the effect of novel drugs that is highly translatable to the effect of the novel drug in the cardiovascular patient, while at the same time minimising the number of laboratory animals used. Moreover, the aim is to utilise this model to discover new biomarkers of successful treatment, which could expedite the transition of CVD therapeutic into clinical trial.

Better Sleep

The knowledge is missing that is essential for cost-effective roll-out of personalised treatment of insomnia. This project solves the bottleneck by creating a research platform for combined online behavioural change intervention and long-term monitoring of sleep, traits and health. A growing database will allow for optimised sleep interventions tailor to personalised needs, capacities, limitations and estimated benefits.