Follow the Dot to Beat your Anxiety

The Follow The Dot project evaluates the use of Virtual Reality in EMDR (VR-based EMDR) in children with post-traumatic stress symptoms in a multicenter Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT). VR-based EMDR stimulates self-care in the family setting and is expected to reduce symptom recurrence, enhance patient satisfaction and improve quality of life.

Food supplements to boost brain function – mind your blood vessels

This project aims to unravel mechanisms underlying beneficial effects of a novel food supplement on cognitive performance. This may contribute to the prevention of cognitive impairment and ultimately dementia. Focus will be on adults with an emerging pre-mild cognitive impairment condition who will benefit most from evidence-based intervention and prevention strategies.

Markers that predict risks for developing chronic respiratory disease after COVID-19

Ex-COVID-19 patients will undergo medical tests and biological samples will be analysed to increase the understanding of who is at risk for chronic disease. The influence of environmental factors and of a lifestyle intervention will be analysed, and lab research will contribute to better mechanistic insights providing leads for interventions.