Funding Opportunities

Health~Holland offers support in the search for financing. In the following videos different companies explain their funding opportunities and how it can be invested in a company.

Ton Logtenberg, CEO of Merus, explains the importance of Venture Capital and how it can contribute a company.

Erik van den Berg, CEO of AM-Pharma, gives examples on how Venture Capital can be valuable.

PortaVita and HelpLine explain how the MIT arrangement is utilized to support their SME.

Top Sector Life Sciences & Health

Former chairman, Jan Raaijmakers, and Executive Director, Nico van Meeteren, give their view on the Top Sector LSH.

Advisory board of Top Sector LSH on activities of 2017.

The Dutch Life Sciences & Health sector

A stop motion video to represent the Dutch Life Sciences & Health sector.

Check out how the Health~Holland stop motion video is made in this making of.

Watch this video on the Dutch biopharmaceutical industry in the Netherlands and get inspired by the Dutch. The perfect location to build your biopharmaceutical business. We open our doors for you!

A short movie on the Life Sciences & Health sector in the Netherlands for international representation. See more on our Shared Challenges and Smart Solutions.

The Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare & Sport created a short animation on the Dutch Life Sciences & Health sector.

A short informal video on the Dutch LSH sector.

Short video on some Dutch Life Sciences & Health regions. The regions show their LSH topics on which their are specialised. But of course their is more to these regions, and there are the Netherlands offers even more regions... So join the Dutch regions and discover more!

Human Capital

Careers in transition

Learning communities

National and international LSH events

Health Valley Event 2018 Aftermovie

ZonMw Public-Private Partnership (PPP) day - innovation by co-creation

NRC Live series on the Future of Healthcare

World of Health Care 2017 Aftermovie

Health~Holland Meet~Up