International Strategy

Key objective Health~Holland International Strategy 2020-2023

The internationalisation strategy of Top Sector Life Sciences & Health (LSH) 2020-2023 builds further upon the successful implementation of the strategy of the past five years. More focus and depth have been incorporated and new developments and opportunities, such as the location of the EMA in the Netherlands and the growing biotech sector, take a more prominent position to further strengthen the business climate. This renewed internationalisation strategy has the general objective of increasing the competitive strength and, with that, the size and impact of the international economic activities of the Dutch Life Sciences and Health (LSH) sector. Health~Holland currently enjoys a growing reputation as the sector-specific branding of Top Sector LSH. This will be further built upon, with the NL branding, which is also new.

Due to the importance of trade, knowledge exchange and foreign investments for the Dutch economy and society, internationalisation is essential for realising the ambitious objectives of the mission-driven top sectors and innovation policy of the Dutch government. The Netherlands (and its innovations) has a lot to offer the world and possesses a favourable innovation ecosystem and business climate for foreign companies.

The design of this document and the focus on partial strategies provides the opportunity to take concrete steps aimed at the necessary support for the sector with regards to export, attracting foreign investments, and international collaboration in R&D and innovation. These instruments will be used to create win-win situations in the Netherlands and abroad for industry, research organisations, the care sector and the citizen.

The strategy was largely written in the pre-COVID-19 period. The full impact of COVID-19 on the strategy is not yet known but will become clearer in the coming period. The strategy has been designed in such a way that adjustments to the approach can be flexibly implemented where necessary.

The international strategy 2020-2023 can be downloaded below.