Dutch Biochip Alliance

Bringing together the expertise for application-specific biochip development

From Chip to Biochip

The Dutch Biochip Alliance develops an accurate, affordable and easy-to-use diagnostic platform with the primary application of early cancer detection in urine. Due to generic nature of the technology it can be widely applied to address challenges in other biological or biomedical fields. The Dutch Biochip Alliance leverages the power of nanotechnology, originating from the University of Twente and developed into commercial products by Lionix International, to create a revolutionary, highly sensitive sensor chips. Advanced surface coatings of Surfix allows the Dutch Biochip Alliance to turn these sensors into generally applicable biochips. Qurin develops application-specific biomarker panels and integrates these panels into the biochips, thereby developing a portfolio of specific diagnostic tests based on the robust core technology of photonic biosensors. The University of Twente has extensive capabilities and a large network in the research areas of nanotechnology and personalized healthcare.

With this synergistic approach of leveraging complementary technologies in advanced stages of development from private partners and supplementing this with ongoing research in the key areas of photonics, microfluidics and nanotechnology at the university, this partnership is a world-class player in the fields of biosensors and medical diagnostics. Therefore, this consortium has the power to revolutionize healthcare by saving lives and reducing costs.

Mission of PPP

The mission of Dutch Biochip Alliance is to increase the chances of survival and reduce healthcare costs by developing rapid, low-threshold and noninvasive diagnostic tests for the early detection of cancer and other medical conditions.

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