Top Sector Life Sciences & Health (LSH) entails a broad scope of disciplines, from pharmaceuticals to medical technology and from healthcare infrastructure to vaccination. To realise its mission – vital citizens in a healthy economy - the Top Sector builds on the strengths of the Dutch LSH sector to address the biggest societal challenges in prevention, cure and care. By funding multidisciplinary public-private partnerships (PPPs) the Top Sector aims to facilitate innovation. Here we give an overview of  a number of funded R&D projects by Top Sector LSH. The page is updated continuously.

74 projects

  • Immunomodulatory peptides as novel anti-infectives

    Immunomodulatory peptides will be investigated for their potential therapeutic use in veterinary medicine.
  • Linking VASculopathy and Fibrosis with Autoimmunity in Systemic Sclerosis

    This project aims to unravel the link between vasculopathy and autoimmunity and, eventually, fibrosis in systemic sclerosis.
  • Patient-driven approach for drug development

    Innovative, patient-based methods to predict drug efficacy: better for man and animals
  • CINEMRI to help cure painful abdominal adhesions

    Enabling curation of abdominal pain due to adhesions by imaging guided personalized treatment.
  • Reduction of animal experiments through in-vitro modelling of multi-organ interactions

    On-Chip modelling of organ interactions in extracellular vesicle-based experimental regenerative therapy for diabetic nephropathy
  • Capture tumor evolution on chip

    Smart microfluidics will be developed to integrate live organoid growth with single cell genetics
  • The type 2 diabetes health data community

    Type 2 diabetes health research for and by patients through personal health data ownership