Top Sector Life Sciences & Health (LSH) entails a broad scope of disciplines, from pharmaceuticals to medical technology and from healthcare infrastructure to vaccination. To realise its mission – vital citizens in a healthy economy - the Top Sector builds on the strengths of the Dutch LSH sector to address the biggest societal challenges in prevention, cure and care. By funding multidisciplinary public-private partnerships (PPPs) the Top Sector aims to facilitate innovation. Here we give an overview of  a number of funded R&D projects by Top Sector LSH. The page is updated continuously.

301 projects

  • IgA as therapeutic antibody for cancer

    IgA is a different and new approach to activate the immune system to kill cancer
  • Drinking cow milk-derived nanovesicles for a healthy gut

    Cow milk-derived extracellular vesicles for enhancing the intestinal barrier function and immune system in humans
  • A synthetic RNA delivery platform for universal ex vivo modification of natural killer cells

    Screening of a nanoparticle library to deliver messenger RNAs into natural killers cells for cancer immunotherapy
  • Harnessing immune cells for immunoprotection in children with cardiovascular risk

    Exploring the potential of Natural Killer T-cells as a novel therapeutic target for cardiovascular disease
  • Mutant NPM1 as target for immunotherapy of acute myeloid leukemia

    T cell receptor gene therapy for mutant NPM1 effectively targets acute myeloid leukemia
  • Automatic recognition of anatomical structures to reduce animal experiments

    Research using animal models would greatly benefit from software that can automatically recognise anatomical structures