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The stretching of skin studied with 3D microscopy.

  • Mission III (People with chronic diseases)
  • Fundamental
  • Experimental
  • Medical technology
3D movies of collagen and elastin bundles in skin tissue, while dynamically stretched, are beautiful, give new scientific information and provide clinical insights


  • Mission I (Lifestyle and living environment)
  • Mission II (Care in the right place)
  • Experimental
  • Healthcare
They are researching, radical from a citizen-researcher perspective, what works and who works on interventions in lifestyle: what works in the activities community organizations organize for health and wellbeing for residents

Seaweed: food against dementia?

  • Mission IV (People with dementia)
  • Fundamental
  • Industrial
  • (Bio)pharma
Can we use seaweed as a healthy food source against dementia?