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Towards optimal use of BiTE® antibody constructs nu maximal exploiting the immune system

  • Central Mission (Health for all)
  • Mission III (People with chronic diseases)
  • Fundamental
  • (Bio)pharma
The usage of bispecific antibodies is a new strategy to combat cancer. The bispecific antibodies, BiTEs in this project, bring the immune cell and the tumor cell together, which leads to an activation of the immune cell. The idea behind this is that the activated immune cell will kill the tumor cell. This technique is already used for hematologic cancer. In this project we will test how BiTE therapy can also be used for solid tumors

Technology Support for Diabetes

  • Mission II (Care in the right place)
  • Mission III (People with chronic diseases)
  • Fundamental
  • Industrial
Supporting people with diabetes by the development of an application for monitoring of diabetic feet and other complications

Nanosensor for detection of fat metabolism

  • Mission III (People with chronic diseases)
  • Industrial
  • Medical technology
  • Prevention
A nano-sensor that non-invasively detects acetone secreted by the skin is developed, assisting a healthy life