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Towards large-scale culturing of hematopoietic cells from iPSCs

  • Central Mission (Health for all)
  • Mission III (People with chronic diseases)
  • Fundamental
  • Industrial
Translation of the enormous potential of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) in regenerative medicine requires upscaling and defined cell culture conditions allowing cost-effective production of cells.

Engineering cells to attack tumors

  • Central Mission (Health for all)
  • Fundamental
  • (Bio)pharma
  • Cure
In this project we engineer immune cells with nanoparticles containing DNA to recognize and attack tumor cells

It takes guts to BBB

  • Central Mission (Health for all)
  • Industrial
  • Experimental
  • Healthcare
It takes guts to BBB: Using sustainable omega-3 rich oils to improve gut-brain health