Reducing hospital visits after knee joint replacement: Move, Visualise, Tailor

MOVITA: Wearable technology to optimise prognostic evaluation and rehabilitation of gait behaviour in orthopaedic patients

Knee osteoarthritis imposes a substantial burden on individuals and our health care system. Annually, 30.000 people in the Netherlands receive a knee joint replacement as the end treatment of their osteoarthritis. Post-operative treatment is unfortunately still ineffective in about 20% of cases and result in dissatisfaction, pain or impairments for as long as one year after surgery. These patients end up requiring more and costly hospital visits and prolonged rehabilitation with physical therapists.

In MOVITA (Move, Visualise, Tailor), the consortium develops a solution to remotely assess, store, and visualize an OA patient’s daily-life physical behaviour to monitor progression without costly hospital visits. Objective assessment and visualisation of daily-life physical behaviour and gait quality using new wearable technology will facilitate effectiveness in prognostics and treatment of these patients, while minimising required care and optimising patient satisfaction.

Scientifically validated algorithms based on wearable technology will be professionalised and integrated in a cloud-based platform with an attractive user-interface, co-created with end-users. Field tests will reveal potential pitfalls and unforeseen requirements, further supporting the iterative developmental process. The resultant minimal viable product allows orthopaedic surgeons and physiotherapists to remotely assess and visualise functional recovery of their patients, enabling a tailormade postoperative treatment. Business case development in collaboration with stakeholders will ensure uptake of MOVITA as an effective, affordable and beneficial medical device.

MOVITA is a collaborative initiative between the department Human Movement Sciences (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), two clinical departments of orthopaedics (Noordwest Ziekenhuisgroep and Sint Maartenskliniek) and two commercial partners (McRoberts B.V. and Moveshelf Labs B.V.).

Twenty percent of patients with knee osteoarthritis who receive a joint replacement are dissatisfied and up with costly hospital visits. The consortium develops a product to remotely assess daily-life Movement, Visualise functional recovery and Tailor treatment.
Technology Readiness Level (TRL)
4 - 6
Time period
24 months